Certificate Program in Translational, Entrepreneurial, or Regulatory Science

Certificate Tuition

Tuition rates listed below are for FY 2019. Elective course units taken in the summer will be determined by the home school that offers that course.

Tuition and Fee Breakdown for FY 2019



General Fee

Technical Fee

1 C.U. $4,453 $394 $181 $5,028
2 C.U. $8,906 $788 $362 $10,056
3 C.U. $13,359 $1,581 $541 $15,481
  • FY 2019: 0 % tuition increase

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Please note that policies concerning admissions, curriculum, funding and financial aid are subject to change. Additionally, though variations in the curriculum may be possible, any changes will need prior approval and may have financial implications. This website is meant to provide preliminary general overview information only. Students interested in or enrolled in the program should seek personal advising from relevant faculty and staff.