Speed Mentoring

A novel feature of this year’s Junior Investigators Symposium program will be a ‘Speed Mentoring’ session during which attendees will have the opportunity to spend time one-on-one with seasoned faculty members. The number of speed mentoring slots is capacity limited. Thus, it is offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Attendees should indicate their interest in participating as a mentee in this activity at the time of registration. The following list of faculty have agreed to serve as mentors during the session.

Steven Albelda, MD
Richard Aplenc, MD/PhD
Lily Arya, MD
Amit Bar-Or, MD
Ian Blair, PhD
Julie Blendy, PhD
Skip Brass, MD
Maja Bucan, PhD
Tom Cappola, MD
Anne Cappola, MD
Martin Carroll, MD
Sara Cherry, PhD
Lewis Chodosh, MD/PhD
Jay Dorsey, MD/PhD
Jim Eberwine, PhD
Doug Epstein, PhD
Jonathan Epstein, MD
Sue Furth, MD/PhD
Joel Gelfand, MD
Stephan Grupp, MD/PhD
Raquel Gur, MD/PhD
Elizabeth Hexner, MD
Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, PhD


Jonathan Katz, MD
Andrea Kelly, MD
Dan Kelly, MD
Stephen Kimmel, MD
Peter Klein, MD/PhD
Costas Koumenis, PhD
Dave Mankoff, MD/PhD
David Margolis, MD/PhD
Kenneth Margulies, MD
John Maris, MD
Robert Mauck, PhD
Emma Meagher, MD
Katherine Nathanson, MD
Mortimer Poncz, MD
Mike Robinson, PhD
David Roth, MD/PhD
Amita Sehgal, PhD
Kathy Shaw, MD
Celeste Simon, PhD
Raymond Townsend, MD
John Trojanowski, MD/PhD
Bob Vonderheide, MD/DPhil
Matthew Weitzman, PhD


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