2017 Academic Calendar & Deadlines

The important dates below are scheduled by ITMAT Education Programs. Some deadlines and other dates may be different in other programs and schools. This is particularly of note for elective course dates. Dates are subject to change and vary from the Penn Academic Calendar: http://www.upenn.edu/almanac/3yearcal.html

May 18

New Student Orientation and Meet & Greet

Orientation at 3:30 pm
506 Jordan Medical Education Center (JMEC)
Meet & Greet at 4:30 pm, 5th Floor JMEC Atrium

May 18 – July 6

Individual Mentor Committee Orientation Meetings:  Student, Primary Mentor(s), and MTR Program Mentor required to attend.

July 6

MTR Summer II Classes Begin

Aug 24

MTR Summer II Classes End
*does not apply to special term class MTR 602

September 7

MTR Fall Courses Begin

September 7, 12, 14, 19

Student Thesis Proposal Presentations
9-11 am each date
Students required to attend all dates, Primary mentor required to attend mentee presentation date.

September 18

Last Day to Drop/Add a course for Fall 2017 Term without financial obligation.

October 17-18

2017 ITMAT Symposium
Registration required: http://www.itmat.upenn.edu/symposium/

October 17 – December 1

Fall Program Mentor Meetings to be held by December 1.
Student and MTR Program Mentor attend.

November 24-27

Thanksgiving Holiday

November (Date TBD)

IRB New Member Training

November 10

Last day to Withdraw from a course

December 1

Spring 2018 Registration due to program office

December (Date TBD)

MTR Student Round Table

December 12

Classes End

December 13 – January 10

Winter Break