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Accessing Penn Data Store

The Penn Data Store (PDS) is a virtual warehouse containing years of highly detailed patient data currently from 12 major information systems throughout UPHS, including the outpatient electronic medical record and a number of inpatient databases. It currently contains over a billion rows of information, with about 400,000 more added every day.

TO ACCESS The System …

1. Go To Penn Medicine’s Intranet
2. Under Shared Resources (Bottom Left Side) select Information Services/Telecom
3. On the Penn Medicine IS Page, select TECHNOLOGY from the menu at the top of the page
4. Select Penn Data Store (
5. From the PDS page, select Data Report Request (Right Side) under “Requests”
6. Read the guidelines
7. Select “Please click here to access the online data request form”.
8. If you can't access the form online complete in a WORD document and fax or PDF it to the team
9. Requests will go to the PDS programming team and ITMAT's Office of Subject Recruitment and Protection (OHSRP) in real time. Jenn Morrissey from OHSRP helps clarify any clinical issues with researcher team, along with Carl Shaw from Penn CTRC.
10. Please Feel Free to Contact Jenn Morrissey at any time with any questions regarding any aspect of the request process.
11. OHSRP has created instructional cards for accessing the system. We’ll be happy to send them to your department through internal mail or feel free to pick them up in the CTRC on Dulles 2.






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