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The ITMAT Bioinformatics Facility is a collaborative research resource that provides data analysis services and application support for ITMAT researchers working in the high-throughput proteomics field. This includes testing and providing best-of-breed software for proteomics, as well as engaging in novel research initiatives for development of new algorithms for protein identification, characterization, and quantification. The facility encourages collaborations that apply the tools of proteomics to cutting edge biomedical research.

The ITMAT Bioinformatics Facility is a currently focused on development of services for basic and collaborative research and development of mass spectrometric-based techniques. Prospective users are encouraged to make their inquiries either by e-mail (, or stop by our facility located on the 8th floor of BRB II/III.


Angel Pizarro Director
Dave Austin Programmer Analyst Sr.
Andrew Brader IT Project Leader, Sr.
Weichen Wu Programmer Analyst


The Bioinformatics Facility provides a robust data analysis pipeline for proteomics applications. We also provide customization support for development of new algorithms, or other data analysis pipelines, if the current offering does not meet the needs of the researcher. We provide access to the Mascot, X!Tandem and OMSSA search engines, as well as the Progenesis SameSpots 2D gel analysis software. All of the Facility’s computational infrastructure is hosted on Amazon’s computing cloud, allowing our facility to meet any computational load required.

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