CTRC Funding Opportunities

Junior Investigator Pilot Grant Program (JIPGP)

JIPGP Applications will be due Feburary 2015. Check back for updates.

The primary goal of the Clinical Translational Research Center (CTRC) Junior Investigator Preliminary/Feasibility Grant Program (JIPGP) is to encourage junior investigators to develop clinical research projects that will ultimately lead to extramural NIH funding. The awards are designed to allow junior faculty members, clinical fellows and both M.D. and Ph.D. post-doctoral trainees with appropriate mentors to obtain funds for pilot projects that are investigator-initiated, human-based, CTRC studies that will enable an applicant to obtain preliminary data for an NIH K or R grant submission.

It is anticipated that the award will lead to a competitive extramural grant application and to a career in Clinical Translational Research Center-focused clinical investigation.

The grants will be available at each institution effective July 1 2015.

Please click here to access instructions and templates.