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Welcome to The Molecular Biology Core Lab

This laboratory supports focused, small-scale PCR, low volume selective genotyping and haplotyping work; prepares investigator samples for high-throughput sequencing; DNA genotyping and RNA expression work.

  • PCR primer design (MacVector)
  • Mutation Analysis
    - DNA re-sequencing
    - Heteroduplex analysis
  • Restriction Fragment Analysis
  • Microsatellite Haplotying (Gene Mapper)
    - Loss of Heterozygosity
  • SNP genotyping by Real Time PCR (7900HT)
  • RNA
    - Total RNA isolation
    - Preparation of cDNA by Reverse-Transcription PCR
    - Gene expression analysis (Quantitative or Relative) by Real Time PCR (7900HT)


For more information, please contact the respective Technical Directors.

Shiv Kapoor, Ph.D., Penn Technical Director
Phone: (215) 662-3928

David Stokes, Ph.D., CHOP Technical Director
Phone: (215) 590-4752

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