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Welcome to the Translational Core Laboratories (TCL)

The Translational Core Laboratory consists of the Specimen Collection, Processing and Point of Care, Biochemistry, Cell Culture/DNA Isolation, and Molecular Biology core laboratories. Laboratory testing is integrated across Penn and CHOP, and TCL services are provided at multiple physical locations at both Penn and CHOP. Penn Locations include 1 Dulles, 4 Hill Pavilion, 6 BRB 2/3, and CHOP location includes 804 Abramson Research Center (ARC).

Theodore Miffln, PhD, Penn Technical Director
Phone: (215) 898-6561

David Stokes, Ph.D., CHOP Technical Director
Phone: (215) 590-4752


For services provided at Penn locations, you can place orders for TCL services through the online TCL Order Management System (OMS)

Please note before you can place an order using the TCL OMS, an account for billing must be active in SAM (Service Center Account Management)*. SAM is a School of Medicine account management system which allows BAs (Business Administrators) to activate account numbers for use in the TCL OMS. It also allows them to grant permission to individuals to make purchases against accounts on behalf of PIs (Principle Investigators). PIs can also log into SAM to request account authorization for their lab managers and staff.

If your account is already active in SAM, please proceed to the TCL OMS* to place your order. If you have any questions regarding SAM please contact Jason Molli at 215-898-8264, or via e-mail at . For questions about the TCL OMS please contact Ted Mifflin at 215-898-6561, or via e-mail at

*PennKey login required


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