How to Apply for Funding

Application Procedures:

  • All faculty and fellows from Penn, CHOP, WI, and USP are eligible to submit applications.
  • Applications should address research questions that are amenable to study in the large automated databases available in the CCEB
  • Initial letter of intent should include a maximum of a 2-page description of the project. The letter of intent should also specify whether or not the applicant is requesting financial support for analysis or only administrative guidance, technical advice, and access to currently
  • After pre-screening of these letters of intent, the applicant will be notified whether or not a full application can be submitted. If selected, full applications should include a cover letter submitting the application, co-signed by the chair of the department, an Abstract, and a maximum of a 5-page description of the project, using single space, 12-point Arial font and a minimum of 1 inch margins. Proposals for research projects should be formatted as follows: Specific Aims, Background, Study Design, Source Population, Analysis, Sample Size, Limitations, and Implications.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • The grant period will be one year, with a second year possible upon approval and completion of first-year milestones.
  • Applications should specify which of the following available resources are requested: access to the automated databases; analyst help; biostatistical help; publication costs; travel costs to present the research; other research costs. Funding will not be used to pay for faculty time or administrative support.
  • Submit all applications to Brian Strom or James Lewis
  • Please address any questions to Rita Schinnar at 215-898-9903

Updated 08/25/10

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