Investigational Drug Service (IDS) Forms

The following forms are provided on this site for your convenience:

Protocol Cover Sheet
When sending a protocol or summary to the IDS, use this cover sheet to identify other pertinent information (such as PI and department, your contact information, planned enrollment, timetable, any special sponsor requirements you might know of) - the more complete this information is the more accurate your cost estimate will be!

Preliminary Cost Estimate Request
This form is designed for you to provide general information when you DO NOT YET have a protocol. If you are considering a grant application and want a rough idea of how much the IDS portion of the study might cost, or if you are still finalizing your protocol, use this form to request a preliminary cost estimate.

Request for Medication Only
This form is intended for use by investigators who simply need IDS to assist in purchasing medications for an approved LABORATORY or ANIMAL (IACUC) trial and ARE NOT ABLE to purchase medications through one of UPHS's pharmacies. Please follow the directions on the form to avoid delays. Be aware that as a service center, the IDS is required to pass along its costs; thus while medication purchases are 'pass through' expenses, the IDS recovers its costs through a small start-up fee and a small annual renewal fee.





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