The Emerging Technologies Core Lab

The Emerging Technologies Core Lab provides TCL with the opportunity to develop new analysis formats using novel technologies. TCL is developing these new technologies to provide investigators with assays that offer considerably enhanced screening capabilities coupled with the ability to potentially quantify those targets at fg/mL concentrations. The ability to screen for > 1100 targets from only 50 uL of serum or plasma offers unparalleled power to identify new biomarkers (“SOMAscan”, SOMALOGIC). Once one or more putative biomarker(s) have been identified using SOMAscan, TCL offers a novel (‘digital ELISA”) immunoassay (“SIMOA”, Quanterix) that can quantify these targets with an extreme sensitivity down to fg/mL concentrations.

The Emerging Technologies Core Lab provides the following services:

  • Large target population screening using SOMAscan process
    • Sample accepted
    • Serum & EDTA plasma
      • Cell lysates (Jan 2015)
      • Other sample types in development
    • Number of targets scanned: 1129
    • Number samples processed / cycle: 24
    • Analysis time: 3 days

NOTE: TCL become the first academic center in North America to achieve certification by SOMALOGIC earlier this month.

  • Automated immunoassay using digital ELISA platform (Quanterix SIMOA)
    • Samples accepted
    • Serum
      • EDTA plasma
      • Urine
    • Immunoassays available using established methods from Quanterix
    • Immunoassays for unique antigens available by development within TCL using reagents purchased or established in house
    • Singleplex available now, multiplex assays in development
    • Number of samples assayed / cycle: 32
    • Analysis time: 4 hrs