MTR 510: Introduction to Clinical and Translational Research

Course Syllabus & Schedule

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Course Objectives & Goals

  • To provide a course that focuses on the practical aspects of conducting clinical and translational research.
  • To provide an internal framework for students which will assist them in pursing a career in clinical research.
  • To provide an introduction to protocol development, trial design, regulatory affairs, and the mechanics underlying the drug approval process etc.
  • To promote clinical and translational research within Penn.
  • To facilitate performance of clinical and translational research by highlighting institutional resources.

Lectures are organized into modules covering four main content areas:

  • Module I: Introduction & Research Methods
  • Module II: Data Management & Biostatistics
  • Module III: Study Conduct
  • Module IV: Scientific Conduct

This course provides an internal framework and vital resource for those early in their clinical research careers which will facilitate them in navigating the Penn research environment.


The 2017 tuition cost is $4,453; Gen Fee: $372; Tech fee: $181; for a total cost of $5,006

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