MTR 510: Introduction to Clinical and Translational Research

Course Syllabus & Schedule

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Course Objectives & Goals

This introductory course lays the foundation for understanding practical aspects of conducting clinical research in an academic environment. The course is divided into two modules: Module 1: Research Methods, Protocol Development, and Trial Execution and Module 2: Regulatory Environment for Clinical Trials. The first module introduces clinical research, clinical protocols, study design and execution and biostatistics that underlie such studies. The second module covers ethical considerations in clinical research, study oversight, and the regulatory environment for clinical research. Upon completion, students should have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of clinical research.

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Understand the concept of clinical research
  • Know the methodical approach in designing a research protocol
  • Understand numerous study designs and best practices for their use
  • Understand sources of bias and confounding in studies
  • Distinguish between Phase 0-III trials
  • Understand ethical principles for research
  • Learn the basics of clinical study oversight
  • Understand the regulatory environment for conducting clinical studies


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The next offering will be in Fall 2019, and registration for the course will open in late March. Interested students may contact