Master of Regulatory Affairs


The Master of Regulatory Affairs prepares professionals to assume responsibility for implementation and compliance of stated regulations. Graduates are trained to apply practical skills to implement compliance surrounding FDA regulated products. The MRA and affiliated MSRS programs are designed to create a culture of professionals and scientists who promote science-based regulation and drive knowledge and acceptance down the pipeline.

Program ObjectivesProgram GoalsFaculty and Administration

Program Objectives

The objective of the Master of Regulatory Affairs (MRA) degree program is to produce a cadre of highly trained and sophisticated practice professionals adept in the skills necessary to maximize compliance and minimize risk in the development of FDA regulated products. Students will learn both the foundation and application of science-based clinical investigation and the corresponding regulation. The program is designed to meet these objectives through:

Program Goals

The program will produce professionals who are:

(i) competitive in securing positions that are integral to the navigation of new medical products/ technologies through regulatory, clinical, and quality assurance channels

(ii) are well versed in the complex strategic process in the regulatory field including academia, industry, and government sectors

The development of additional skills—including oral and written communication, problem-solving, and teaming—are considered integral to this training.

Faculty and Administration

Emma Meagher, MD, Program Director
Rachel Bastian, MSEd, Administrative Director
Anna Greene, PhD, Associate Director


For questions related to the Master of Regulatory Affairs Program, please contact Anna Greene.

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