Program in Neurotherapeutics

Welcome to the Program in Neurotherapeutics (PITN)

Neuroscience research is at the cusp of unprecedented opportunities to pursue the underlying pathways of major brain disorders impacting complex behavior. Translation of this basic understanding to improved therapeutics can be achieved through integration of behavioral measures with molecular, genetic, anatomic and physiological methods.

The clinical neuroscience initiative within ITMAT will focus on disorders of complex behavior where basic research has identified novel mechanisms that can be targeted for therapeutic intervention. This approach requires the application of reliable methods for measuring facets of complex behavior including cognition, emotion, and motivation combined with structural and functional neuroimaging. Because of the novelty of the approach there is need to obtain normative data that will serve ITMAT investigators interested in specific disorders that may affect mentation. The program works closely with clinical investigators to develop the normative database and to select the most appropriate measures for specific clinical interventions affecting brain function.