CTSA Undergraduate Student Symposium

2015 Symposium Overview: Orphan Diseases

Orphan diseases represent a collection of disorders that individually afflict fewer than 200,000 people but in aggregate affect over 25 million.  Research into most of the diseases has lagged far behind other major areas. Penn’s Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, together with the Center for Orphan Disease Research and Therapy and with the support of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), announces the sixth annual CTSA Undergraduate Student Symposium.

The symposium is directed toward area college undergraduate students and is open to all other interested parties. Attendees in the past have included, apart from undergraduate students, post-baccalaureate students, graduate and medical students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and the public.

The symposium will be held Friday, April 24, 1:30-5:00pm, in the Robert Austrian Auditorium of the Clinical Research Building (CRB) of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

A luncheon preceding the symposium will be offered for undergraduate students interested in PhD, MD, and MD/PhD programs as they relate to careers in the biomedical sciences. Talks will be given by senior staff of respective programs at Penn. The luncheon will take place Noon-1:30pm in 252 BRB II/III.

There is no cost to attend the symposium or preceding luncheon. We request, however, that those who wish to attend pre-register through this website to help guide logistics.

Questions regarding the symposium can be directed to Rachel Bastian at 215-614-1835 or bastianr@upenn.edu.