Undergraduate Training Program

The undergraduate CTSA program endeavors to stimulate the awareness and interests of college and university undergraduates in clinical and translational research and to mentor the development of talented students with regard to careers in research at Penn, its partner institutions, and other national postgraduate training programs.

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About the CTSA Undergraduate Initiatives

Undergraduates often have limited or no exposure to clinical and translational research – many excellent colleges and universities are not associated with medical or other health professional schools, and others often fail to integrate undergraduate with graduate/professional curriculum. A practical objective of the program, therefore, is to instill through a variety of mechanisms an understanding of how basic sciences familiar to the students can be extended to have a substantial impact on the human condition.

Key components of the undergraduate program are the support of undergraduate courses that emphasize pathophysiology and therapeutics, an annual colloquium, sponsorship of seminars at regional colleges and universities, a summer undergraduate internship program in translational and clinical research, and a partnership with Drexel University's Co-op Program.

Undergraduate Training Program Objectives

  • To stimulate the awareness and interests of college/university undergraduates in health sciences and translational research;
  • To mentor the career development of undergraduates in clinical and translational research;
  • To facilitate the recruitment of undergraduates into Penn and other prominent postgraduate medical translational research training programs.

The CTSA Education leadership has developed interactions with local colleges and universities in addition to Penn. These include Bryn Mawr College, Franklin & Marshall College, Haverford College, Lincoln University, and Swarthmore College. The program provides a description of the program's various educational initiatives, including information of interest to potential scholars. The program supports summer internships for undergraduates with ITMAT investigators funded by the UL1 component of the CTSA.

Symposia and Seminars of Translational Interest

Courses of Translational Interest at Penn


David R. Manning, PhD, manning@mail.med.upenn.edu

Professor of Pharmacology and Director, CTSA Undergraduate Initiatives

Rachel Bastian, bastianr@upenn.edu

Program Coordinator, ITMAT