Behavioral Neuroscience Core (Pediatric only)

The Behavioral Neurosciences Core provides consultation and assistance to investigators regarding psychological, neuropsychological, and psychiatric components of research studies involving pediatric subjects.

Investigator support services include:

  • Research Design Consultation
    Supports investigators regarding behavioral theories and models that underlie study questions, selection of measures for targeted neuropsychological assessment, design of behavioral components of research, measurement of behavioral variables and psychiatric diagnoses, ethical and human subjects considerations in behavioral studies, and conceptualization of interventions (behavioral, psychopharmacologic, integrated).
  • Neuropsychological and Other Psychological Testing
    Supports investigators regarding neuropsychological and psychoeducational test administration and scoring, structured diagnostic interviews, behavioral measures, observational measures (with predetermined coding schemes), interpretation of tests scores for research purposes and publication, development and implementation of neuropsychological measures including traditional and computerized batteries for measuring specific behavioral domains.
  • Development of Assessment Methods
    Supports investigators regarding measure and diagnostic development, questionnaire development, interview development; recruitment and feedback scripts, observational approaches and coding schemes, and adaptation of existing measures to specific patient group/study questions.
  • Intervention Development and Implementation
    Supports investigators regarding intervention development including combined psychological and psychopharmacological treatments and behavioral randomized clinical trials, intervention protocols and development of study manuals, training in behavioral and cognitive behavioral intervention methods, supervision of staff for behavioral interventions, treatment fidelity methodologies, psychopharmacology trials, consultation regarding recruitment and retention strategies in intervention research including longitudinal studies, consultation on treatment adherence in intervention trials, and recruitment and participation of ethnic minority participants.

Together, these four services provide research infrastructure support across the entire process of research, from pre-design consultation to development and analysis of behavioral data, and across multiple domains of functioning and outcomes. To access the services of the Behavioral Neurosciences Core, investigators can contact the Managing Director, Nina Hattiangadi Thomas.

Nina Hattiangadi Thomas, Ph.D., ABPP-CN
Phone: 215-590-3783

CHOP CHPS Behavioral Neuroscience Core