Antibody Labeling Services

The Penn CNSC is excited to offer Antibody Labeling Services, a Site-Specific conjugations for increased Antibody Binding Performance.

Why Site-Specific?oYo-Link specific label graphic

Site-specific labeling ensures uniform labeling of up to 2 labels per Antibody on the heavy chain.

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Oligos / Click-Chemistry / Nanoparticles / Biotin / ELISA Plates... and more offered.

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The core is now offering site-specific antibody conjugation services. The benefits of site-specifically labeled antibodies are enabled by the oYo-Link antibody labeling technology, developed by AlphaThera.

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Site-Specific Conjugation Services for...

single bioton
Up to 10x increase in Sensitivity. For Direct and Sandwich ELISAs.
Copper-free click chemistry, for simpler antibody labeling at your convenience.
VcMMAE ADC rapid screening
Rapid ADC Screening
Improve throughput and enhance cell-killing assay performance.

More Featured Technologies

oYo-Link oligo graphicLabel your antibody with custom ssDNA or dsDNA sequences, up to 80bp in length. For Immuno-PCR, Proximity Ligation Assays, Cell Barcoding, and other novel applications of Antibody-Oligonucleotide Conjugates. High-quality Oligos ordered from IDT.  Label as little as 1ug of Antibody with Oligo per reaction.

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HyperBright FluorescentComing Soon. Please inquire.

Fluorescently labeled antibodies that perform up to 5x better than antibodies conjugated with Alexa dyes. No secondary antibody needed since the primary is directly conjugated. For 488nm and 647nm ex.

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Supporting HyperBright 488nm Data

Graph of fluorescence intensity to count and comparison to competitor antibody reaction ratio

CoMNase Bioanalyzer Data for CUT&RUN graphvalently conjugate MNase directly to antibodies and use for the CUT&RUN assay or other cell digestion assays. Epigenetic mapping is vastly improved with oYo-Link MNase. Low cell counts yield high DNA enrichment results. 

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MNase Bioanalyzer Data for CUT&RUN Assay

oYo-Link™ MNase successfully works for CUT&RUN assays and yields more highly-enriched target DNA fragments when compared to conventional non-covalent pG-MNase as indicated by Bioanalyzer profiling. The testing antibody including two Histone markers: IgG1: Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K9) antibody - ChIP Grade (Abcam, ab8898) and IgG2: Anti-Histone H3K27me3 antibody - ChIP Grade (Abcam, ab195477); and the IgG isotype control.

Our Conjugation Service is Free with the purchase of any oYo-Link Product

We label Antibodies in Any Buffer, at Any Concentration

labeling rxn
No need to worry about Purification

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The Next-Gen of Antibody Labeling

Non Site-Specific (Traditional)

non site-specific antibody labeling
Non Site-Specific Labeling
heterogeneous surface immobilization
Heterogeneous surface immobilization

Site-Specific (oYo-Link™)

site-specific labeling
Site-Specific Labeling
Homogeneous surface immobilization
Homogeneous surface immobilization​​




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