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  • Photo of Emma Meagher, MD

    Emma Meagher, MD

    REG/MTR 5100, Intro to Clinical and Translational Research

  • Photo of Andrew Fesnak, MD, MHCI

    Andrew Fesnak, MD, MHCI

    REG 6250 Biomanufacturing Novel Therapies and Imaging Agents; REG 6400 Capstone I; REG 6410 Capstone II

  • Photo of Eileen Doyle, PharmD

    Eileen Doyle, PharmD

    REG 6120 Introduction to Drug Development

  • Photo of Dawn Lundin, MS

    Dawn Lundin, MS

    REG 6160 Quality Assurance

  • Photo of Michele Roy, BSN, MS

    Michele Roy, BSN, MS

    REG 6150 Post-Approval Maintenance of Drugs, Biologics and Devices

  • Photo of Narendra Chirmule, PhD

    Narendra Chirmule, PhD

    REG 6240 Applied Regulatory Processes of Vaccines and Biologics

  • Photo of Joanna Brougher, MPH, Esq.

    Joanna Brougher, MPH, Esq.

    REG 6260 Patent Law for Drug Development

  • Photo of Melissa Byrne, MS, MBE

    Melissa Byrne, MS, MBE

    REG 6190 Research Ethics in Regulatory Affairs

  • Photo of Christine Lee

    Christine Lee

    REG 6100 Fundamentals of FDA Regulation

  • Photo of Jeff Barrett, PhD

    Jeff Barrett, PhD

    REG 6180 Introduction to Vaccine Development

  • Photo of Megan Kasimatis Singleton, JD, MBE, CIP

    Megan Kasimatis Singleton, JD, MBE, CIP

    REG 6110 Clinical Study Management

  • Photo of Amy Marshall, MPH

    Amy Marshall, MPH

    REG 6110 Clinical Study Management

  • Photo of Claudine Bruck, PhD

    Claudine Bruck, PhD

    MTR/REG 6220 New Trends in Medicine and Vaccine Discovery

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