Research Internships

ITMAT sponsors two summer research internship programs for undergraduate students from local colleges and Penn first-year medical students (MS1). The summer research internship programs promote awareness of clinical and translational research, help students develop research skills, and aim to mentor the development of talented students in careers in research at Penn, its partner institutions, and other national postgraduate training programs.

The ITMAT Translational Research Internship Program (TRIP) is a funded 10-week summer program for undergraduate students currently enrolled at Bryn Mawr College, Florida A&M University, Franklin & Marshall College, Haverford College, Howard College, Lincoln University, Swarthmore College, the University of Pennsylvania, or the University of Puerto Rico. Learn more about TRIP here.

The ITMAT MS1 Summer Internship Program is a funded 7-week program for Penn Medical Students finishing their first year of medical school. Learn more about the ITMAT MS1 Summer Internship Program here.