Investigational Drug Service (IDS) Hours of Operation

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IDS Hours of Operation

The IDS operates out of 3 locations on the University of Pennsylvania campus:


Address: 3600 Spruce St, Maloney Bldg, Ground Floor
Hours: 7:30am-5:30pm Weekdays; 8:00am-3:30pm Saturday/Sunday
*Note:  In Summer 2019, many protocols will be moved to our IDS CENTRAL location.  The IDS Project Manager will coordinate timing with individual services and study teams in advance of any move.


Address: 51 N. 39th St, 103 Mutch Bldg.
Hours:  7:00am – 3:30pm Weekdays

While there may be staff available before or after this time, these are the hours during which someone will always be available.


Address: 3600 Civic Center Blvd, 10th Floor (10-020)
Hours:  7:30am – 4:00pm Weekdays (hours will expand as volume increases)

*Note: All manufacturing, compounding and repackaging activities will take place only at IDS CENTRAL post-move.
While there may be staff available before or after these times, the above hours are when someone will always be available.

The IDS maintains an on-call pager (800-670-3151) rotated among staff for after-hours EMERGENCY coverage.

Outpatient orders must be sent to the IDS sufficiently in advance of the visit to allow proper preparation. The IDS is not equipped to provide 'walk-up' service similar to a retail pharmacy. In order to ensure that medication is ready at the time of a patient visit, orders must be sent at a minimum the morning the day before the visit. For study medications which require compounding, repackaging or other complex services, lead times of 2 to 5 days may be needed.  Discuss your needs with the IDS staff in advance or during the SIV.

The IDS on-call person can assist by telephone with:

  • Breaking treatment blinds
  • Problems in ordering or obtaining inpatient study medications
  • Inpatient pharmacy staff who are unfamiliar with a particular study
  • Directing outside callers to the proper resource.

The IDS on-call person will come back to the hospital only in a true emergency when no other option exists.

For studies which require 24-hour availability of medication, the IDS has already made arrangements with inpatient pharmacists at both HUP and PPMC for first-dose services.