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MRA-ML Dual Degree 

The Master of Regulatory Affairs and Penn Law have partnered together to offer the MRA-ML dual degree. The purpose of this dual degree is to expand your knowledge of both regulatory and legal affairs as well as highlight the connection between these two fields. Upon completion of the dual degree, you should have a deeper understanding of the intersections between these two fields.  

Dual Degree Curriculum 

Students who elect to pursue the MRA-ML dual degree will be required to complete a select number of courses from the MRA and LAW programs. The curriculum is designed to provide knowledge of both legal and regulatory affairs. Students may take 3 LAW courses to replace BIOE 580 Research Ethics and 2 electives.  

MRA Courses

8 MRA courses based on your selected concentration

LAW Courses 

8 LAW courses

  • LAWM 511 US Law & Legal Methods (required)
  • LAWM 528 General Business Law (required) 
  • LAWM 529 Navigating the Regulatory State (required) 
  • LAWM 530 Health Law & Policy (foundational course) 
  • 1 upper-level JD course 
  • 1 upper-level JD or ML course 
  • 2 additional ML courses of your choosing 

Additional JD & ML LAWM courses may be viewed in the graduate course catalog

Sample Study Plan 





Year 1


REG 510 Intro to Clinical & Translational

REG 612 Into to Drug Development

REG 640 Capstone I

LAW 530 Health Law & Policy (foundational, replace BIOE 580)





Year 2

REG 610 Fundamentals of FDA Regulations

LAW 528 General Business Law (required)  


REG 614 Biopharm Dev

LAW 529 Navigating the Regulatory (required)

REG 615 Post Approval Maintenance

REG 641 Capstone II





Year 3

REG 511 Intro to US Law & Legal Methods (required)

LAW 522 Compliance & Corporate Gov

LAW 537 Fundamentals of US Legal Research

LAW 920 Pharma Reg & Enforcement

LAW 576 Patent Law


For questions related to the Master of Regulatory Affairs Program, please contact Bethany Sanghani.

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