The Biochemistry Core Lab

The Biochemistry Core Lab provides state-of-the-art research quality biochemical assays using small volumes of sample (e.g., microliter) while maintaining regulatory standards. Three large biochemical analyzers (all certified for FDA-approved in-vitro diagnostic assays) can provide throughputs of up to 1200 analyses / day. Hundreds of distinct ELISA, RIA, enzymatic and HPLC assays are available and are listed in the scrolling menu shown below. TCL can provide immunoassays using many commercially available ELISA's or the TCL is capable of developing an ELISA for study applications within weeks of the request assuming a sufficient demand for the service. All assays undergo an in-house validation process to ensure the analytical performance of the analysis is demonstrated within specifications,

TCL Assay Services

Assay services offered by the TCL are listed below. Use this online link (e.g.,TCL Order Management System (OMS)* to order assay services.