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Book Published: Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists

By Rachel McGarrigle, MSEd

This blog was expanded and published into an e-book which serves as a repository of tools, wisdom and best practice that seeks to democratize innovation regardless of where the academic researcher resides. Continue reading on our e-book platform.

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Collaboration between Academics and Companies

By Joy Sun and Flaura Koplin Winston, MD PhD

An academic partnership with a commercial entity, when done correctly, can be mutually beneficial and benefit society by bringing excellent science to market at scale.  This article’s intention is to give helpful tips to academics seeking partnerships or collaborations with corporations.

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What is Academic Entrepreneurship?

By Nalaka Gooneratne, MD, MSc

Every academic researcher is an entrepreneur of sorts. The entire process of setting up a research lab, identifying problems to study, managing a team, and obtaining funding is, at its core, a very entrepreneurial endeavor.  So what is “Academic Entrepreneurship”? 

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