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Session 1

Academic Health Systems in an Era of Reform - I

Video   [N/A]
The Academic Mission in an Era of Reform   [PDF]
The Complexity of Drug Development   [PDF]
The Academic Mission in a Complex Health System   [PDF]
Building a Robust Research Commons: Enhancing the Precompetitive Environment   [PDF]
Rational Rationing and the Role of Research   [PDF]
Academic Engagement by the FDA   [N/A]

Session 2

Infrastructure for Translational Research and
Drug Development

Video   [N/A]
Cures Acceleration Network & Therapeutics at NIH   [PDF]
Genomic Exploitation   [N/A]
The Academic Contribution to Drug Development   [N/A]
Bridging the Valley of Death in Academic
Drug Discovery

Session 3

Models and Opportunities

Video   [N/A]
The Innovative Medicines Initiative, a European public-private partnership in healthcare   [PDF]
PROOF of the Pudding in Canada   [PDF]

Session 4

Emerging Opportunities – I

Video   PDF
How Useful is Pharmacogenetics?   [N/A]
Vaccines in the Modern Era: New Paradigms to Address Unmet Needs   [PDF]

Session 5

Emerging Opportunities – II

Video   [N/A]
Challenges to Drug Development in Academia   [PDF]
The ReBirth of Gene Therapy   [N/A]
Adaptive Clinical Trials: A New Paradigm in Drug Development   [PDF]

Session 6

Emerging Opportunities - III

Video   [N/A]
Structural Interactomics and Drug Development   [N/A]
A Multi-Scale Biology Approach to Understanding and Treating Human Disease   [N/A]