Program in Translational Biomechanics

Welcome to the Program in Translational Biomechanics (PTB)

Richard K. Assoian, Ph.D., Director

The Program in Translational Biomechanics fosters interactions between Penn and ITMAT partner faculty, students, and post-doctoral scientists interested in translational mechanobiology and supports collaborations leading to new multi-investigator grants.

Components of the Program

I. Educational component

  1. Graduate coursework: The program supports graduate education through the Biomedical Graduate Studies at Penn. Program faculty have directed and taught in courses focusing on the extracelluar matrix, adhesion receptors, and translational biomechanics. Limited financial support for "outside" lecturers is available.
  2. Journal-data club: The Program supports a bi-weekly journal and data club, which fosters regular interactions between faculty, post-docs and graduate students interested in cell and translational biomechanics.

II. Research Component

  1. Biomechanics Core Facility: This ITMAT supported core provides the following services:
    • Customized ECM-coated polyacrylamide hydrogels
    • Atomic force microscopy of cells
    • Pressure myography 
    • Traction force microscopy 

    See the Biomechanics Core webpage for descriptions and details.

Penn faculty and ITMAT member interested in PTB membership should contact Richard Assoian at