Book Published: Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists

By Rachel McGarrigle, MSEd

This blog was expanded and published into an e-book which serves as a repository of tools, wisdom and best practice that seeks to democratize innovation regardless of where the academic researcher resides. Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists is a free Open Education Resource that seeks to support and grow a new academic research community of Boundary Spanners – those who work in academia and with industry in order to realize the potential of basic discoveries that support the process of translational research through to commercialization and impact.

Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists, is a free open education resource that can be used in courses, workshops, pilot grant programs, and by individuals.

Who is an academic entrepreneur? Faculty, staff, or students turning observations in the laboratory, clinic, and community into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public and seeking to:

  • patent and/or license their work
  • spin-out or spin-in ventures based on evidence
  • collaborate with industry to realize impact

5 Primary Domains: Over 500 pages of content

  • Academia
  • People
  • Ideation
  • IP/Regulation
  • Finance

I want to contribute! This is a living e-book which is publicly available and licensed with creative commons. It has potential for frequent updates and we welcome contributions from new authors. Contact us!

Other Formats: Are you a visual learner? Try our interactive Prezi.

Link to the e-Book