CHPS Study Docs Application

Please visit the CHPS Study Docs Application to view CHPS documents and to electronically sign the CHPS Investigator/Coordinator Agreement Form.

User Documentation for PIs, BAs, and Study Contacts

Your Studies

The "Your Studies" menu item in the left navigation will take you to a page that shows you any studies that have correspondences where you are either the PI or a Study Contact. For users that are not administrators, "Your Studies" will be the only navigation link available in the left sidenav.

Viewing a Study

Studies on the "Your Studies" page are split into two groups - those that require some action to be taken by a PI or Study Contacts, and those that require no action. To view study details and/or make necessary approvals, you can click the "view" link next to any study. You will see two tabs:

  • Shows study details like Pilot Funding, Council Meeting Date, Continuing Review Date, BA, and Study Contacts.
  • Shows a list of correspondences for this study. Clicking the (+) next to a correspondence will allow you to view and download all the pieces of that correspondence.
  • If any pieces of the correspondence require your approval, you will see "Approve" and "Reject" buttons next to the document, budget, or letter that requires approval. Click the appropriate button for the action you wish to take and click "OK" on the "Are you sure" pop-up.

The "Your Studies" page will also show you any studies on which you are listed as the BA, although as the BA you have no approval responsibility.