CHPS Facilitator

The CHPS offers a facilitator service at no charge to help implement clinical research studies within the CHPS. The Adult facilitators are Carl Shaw, M.Ed, MBE, and Theresa M. Scattergood, RN with leadership provided by associate program director, Michael Rickels, MD, MTR. The Pediatric facilitator is John Krall, LCSW.

We recommend working with a CHPS Facilitator at the time of grant application to enhance the research design and to communicate details regarding CHPS resources and costs. For funded applications, a CHPS facilitator can meet with investigators and their coordinators to help obtain CHPS and IRB protocol approval. After approval, a CHPS facilitator will continue to work with the study team to initiate the protocol. This service should be especially useful for junior investigators and for established investigators who are new to the CHPS.

For more information or to initiate a facilitator request, please contact:

Adult Studies

Carl Shaw, M.Ed., MBE

Theresa M. Scattergood, RN

Pediatric Studies

John Krall, LCSW