2007 Symposium Highlights

Translational Medicine and Therapeutics:
Personalized Medicine; Prospect or Pipe Dream?

April 25, 2007

Session 1
Novel Paradigms of Drug Development
Speakers: Dr.s Eric E. Schadt, John B. Hogenesch, Edward T. Bullmore, Calum A. McRae
Session 2
 Variability in Human Drug Response
Speakers: Dr.s Richard Weinshilboum, William Evans, and Eli Gilboa
Session 3
 Platforms for Personalized Medicine – I
Speakers: Dr.s Hakon Hakonarson and Geoffrey S. Ginsburg
 Platforms for Personalized Medicine – II
Speakers: Dr.s Peter Ghazal, H. Steven Wiley, and Jerald P. Radich
 Prospects for Personalized Medicine (Open to Public)
Speakers: Dr. Rory Collins, Barry Coller, Arthur Caplan, C. Thomas Caskey, and Alastair J.J. Wood