The following forms are provided on this site for your convenience:

Cost Estimate Request (xlsx)
When sending a protocol or summary to the IDS, use this worksheet to identify other pertinent information (such as PI and department, your contact information, planned enrollment, timetable, any special sponsor requirements you might know of, etc.) - the more complete this information is the more accurate your cost estimate will be! Please always check here to make sure you are submitting the most current version of the form. Older versions of the form may not be accepted.

Request for Medication Only (pdf)
This form is intended for use by investigators who simply need IDS to assist in purchasing medications for an approved LABORATORY or ANIMAL (IACUC) trial and ARE NOT ABLE to purchase medications through one of UPHS's pharmacies. Please follow the directions on the form to avoid delays. Be aware that as a service center, the IDS is required to pass along its costs; thus while medication purchases are 'pass through' expenses, the IDS recovers its costs through a small start-up fee and a small annual renewal fee.

Destruction of Clinical Trial Information (pdf)
While the IDS strongly encourages use of our services in the conduct of clinical trials, the IDS does have the ability to arrange for proper destruction of used, damaged or expired clinical trial medications for other trials as well. We CAN accept are medications and associated packaging, but CANNOT accept narcotics, dangerous substances, or medical devices. Refer to the chart on the bottom of the page to determine the level of service you are requesting. We will weigh the package upon receipt, prior to destruction. Complete the first half, have your business manager complete the second half, then bring this form with the medications, to the IDS.