Education & Training Overview

The Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT) offers educational programs at the undergraduate, predoctoral, and postdoctoral levels, organizes an annual international symposium, seminar series, and various workshops focusing on emerging topics in translational research. The ITMAT/CTSA Educational Programs are directed by Emma Meagher, MD.

ITMAT Education is committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality programs in clinical and translational science for researchers and research support staff, and building a rigorous, resilient, inclusive and diverse CTS workforce.

The objectives of ITMAT Education are: 

  • To provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary training in both scope and depth for CTS investigators
  • To innovatively deliver the methods and goals of the CTSA
  • To judiciously invest in CTSA resources to broadly impact the Penn learning community
  • To provide flexible and individualized programs to match the needs of a large and heterogenous workforce
  • To collaborate with CTSA partners in developing strategic initiatives to advance CTS
  • To implement and disseminate proven strategies of CTS education across Penn and the CTSA community
  • To enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the CTS workforce

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