Directions to 8030 Maloney

Students, guests, and non-Penn employees:

  • Enter Hospital at the Main Entrance on 34th Street
  • You will be asked to sign in with the security guard and show your PennCard or Photo ID
  • Proceed on the ground floor through Ravdin Building and follow signs that say “Access to Connector”
  • Continue and Follow Signs towards Dulles/Founders/Gates Buildings
  • Follow signage for Gates Elevators
  • Take the Gates Rear Elevator to Floor 8
  • Turn left out of Gates Elevators and continue to follow the hallway until you enter into 8th Floor Maloney Building
  • The Classroom is in room 8030 Maloney
  • Restrooms and a water cooler are available on 8 Maloney.


  • Continue past signage for Gates Elevators and take stairs up – following signage for Centrex Building
  • Continue down hallway until you will find the Maloney Ground Floor Elevators
  • Take to the 8th Floor
  • The 8030 Maloney Classroom will be across the hall upon exiting the Maloney Elevators


 If you are a HUP Employee with a Hospital ID:

Enter at the Staff Entrance just to the left of the main entrance at 3400 Spruce Street.