Certificate Program in Regulatory, Translational, or Entrepreneurial Science

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Program Overview

The Certificate Program provides training in translational science through the completion of four credit units of coursework and a research project. The certificate is designed for:

  • PhD-level pre- or post-docs who want to extend their research into a clinical setting 
  • Pre- and post-graduate clinical trainees (MD, VMD, DMD, MSN) who want to enhance their expertise in clinical research to inform research at the bench

The program is built on three pillars: (1) a curriculum that focuses on regulatory science, clinical and translational science, or entrepreneurial science, (2) engagement in a one-year translational research project, and (3) active mentorship.

Pillars ode Certificate Program: Curriculum, Mentorship, Research Project

Curriculum Overview

The Certificate Program can be finished in one year and requires the completion of 4 credit units with a passing grade of B- or better and a research project. There are three certificates from which to choose:

Faculty and Administration

Emma Meagher, MD, Program Director
Rachel McGarrigle, MSEd, Education Director
Megan Maxwell, MSW, Associate Director 
Bethany Sanghani, MA, Associate Director 
Jessica German, MSEd, Associate Director

Perelman School of Medicine | 8035 Maloney Building | 3400 Spruce Street | Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283 | 215-614-1835