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The Master of Regulatory Affairs and Regulatory Affairs Certificate degree programs are offered by the University of Pennsylvania, an institution of higher education authorized to confer degrees and certificates conferring academic credit under applicable laws of the United States.  Students who are interested in participating in the program from countries other than the United States are advised that each jurisdiction may have its own laws and regulations governing online educational programs, and some jurisdictions may not recognize course credit or an online degree awarded by the University as satisfying local requirements for professional licensure, employment qualification, or other purposes. Before enrolling in this program, prospective students should investigate their jurisdiction’s treatment of foreign online programs to ensure that participation in this program will meet their objectives.

The Master of Regulatory Affairs and the Regulatory Affairs Certificate are both STEM OPT extension eligible programs for holders of F-1 visas.

If you have additional questions about the format of the program or its ability to fit your schedule, access, etc. please contact program staff.

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